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HR Manager's Guide to Total Rewards

How do you ensure your organization is getting the best possible return on its investments in people? This is a critical question for most businesses as the design and delivery of total rewards programs has a significant impact an organization's ability to successfully recruit, retain, and reward talent, drive performance, manage costs, and mitigate risk. The HR Manager's Guide to Total Rewards illustrates step-by-step how human resources professionals can develop and implement a total rewards approach that's right for their organization. It lays out how to apply a holistic view of an organization's employment proposition to ensure all the elements work together - including compensation, benefits, opportunities for learning and career development, leadership and culture, and the work and work environment. The book addresses such key areas as:

  • The elements of total rewards
  • Considerations when developing a total rewards strategy
  • Creating a total rewards project plan
  • Evaluating the current total rewards offering, and
  • Communicating on total rewards
The HR Manager's Guide to Total Rewards provides a clear and easy-to-follow process for reviewing and refining your organization's total rewards offering. It addresses the types of analysis that can help you identify the strengths and gaps of your organization's offering, as well as priorities for change.

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Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources

From hiring, motivating, training and rewarding employees to handling challenging issues such as harassment and bullying, managing change and terminations, Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources is a comprehensive resource that offers concise, practical approaches to people management. It's a convenient, affordable source of advice and guidance that managers will rely on daily. For HR practitioners, the binder contains implementation guides they can use to help managers apply the best practice approach to HR management practices that reinforce organization-specific programs, policies and practices. Help your managers acquire the skills they need to lead, motivate and coach their employees effectively. Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources features concise booklets each covering one of seven key people management topics:

  • Hiring Great Employees
  • Getting Great Results from Your Employees
  • Recognizing and Rewarding Employees
  • Employee Learning and Growth
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Terminations
  • Managing Change
Each booklet offers managers convenient access to practical strategies, legal requirements, and expert advice on effective people management for every employment situation. In addition to these practical booklets, Straight Talk on Managing Human Resources also includes a convenient CD containing time-saving customizable templates. Experience the benefits
  • Empower your managers with convenient access to effective people management strategies.
  • Be confident that your managers understand and follow legal requirements for recruiting, hiring, disciplining, terminating, and handling workplace harassment.
  • Be prepared with a best practice resource that will help you train new managers.
The seven booklets can be purchased together with a binder and a CD with customized templates, or each booklet can be purchased separately.

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